Provide The Best Marketing Solution for Orthodontists on the Market


Humble Beginnings

In September of 2018, Keaton Walker started working as a marketing manager for a local company in SLC, Utah. The only problem? He was…uh…not very good. (In his defense, he had no experience). After months of trial and error, he got somewhat better. And eventually, he was actually pretty good! He eventually decided to start his own ad agency, and his first client was a local Orthodontist.

Meets Experience

Tyler Loveall was in the process of becoming an Orthodontist when he met a friend and mentor, Dr. Tyler Coles. Together, they started Ortho Marketing DFY, which Tyler helped scale to 120+ Orthodontic clients worldwide. Throughout this process, Tyler learned from and worked with the marketing teams from Nike, Adidas, Heineken, and the Golden State Warriors. He also helped grow Premier Orthodontics in AZ from 2-7 locations. Suffice it to say, he knows what he’s doing.

Teaming Up

Eventually, these two marketing powerhouses started to notice each other going after the same customers! They decided to team up, and Orthopatients as you know it today was born! Our clients are our complete and utter focus, and the field of Orthodontic Marketing will never be the same.