Orthodontics Marketing Case Study: $230,000 in 3 Months

[Case Study] Bhatia Orthodontics: From Skeptical to $230,000 in Revenue in 3 Months

In this article, you’ll learn why Dr. Sujata Bhatia called our orthodontic social media marketing campaigns “The magic dust that has sprinkled over [her] practice”, and how we added an estimated $230,000 in revenue to her practice within 4 months.

The notes and key insights in this post come from a personal interview with Dr. Bhatia and her office manager Patti. You can watch or listen to the full interview using the YouTube video at the bottom of this page.

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Key marketing insights from the interview:

Bigger isn’t always better – Dr Bhatia has started 5 practices from scratch. This time around she has intentionally kept her practice small – but very profitable. You don’t have to do multi-millions in revenue to achieve your lifestyle and/or business goals.

NOTE: One of the biggest benefits of social media ads is their versatility—you can spend as little as $1/day on ads or up to tens of thousands per day.

Patient quality from Social Media – At first, Dr. Bhatia was scared that the quality of patients through Facebook advertising would be poor. The first few consults were shoppers, but as the practice established continuity in their advertising – the quality of prospects from Instagram and Facebook increased.

Qualify patients before they speak with the office – The automatic chatbot we use at OrthoPatients saved Patti a lot of time as a TC. Some people messaging in know nothing about dentistry, and ask random questions – but the majority of common questions are answered by our marketing automations.

Dr. Bhatia also asks potential patients send in pictures of their smiles and bites before their consult.

Dr. Bhatia’s Numbers for the First 4 Months

May – 8 New Patient Starts

June – 16 New Patient Starts

July – 22 New Patient Starts. If there wasn’t a start that day, Dr. Bhatia and Patti would look at each other and say “what’s going on?!”

August – 8 New Patient Starts

Be flexible with virtual or in-person consultations – Some people are excited to get out of the house in the current climate, and some don’t want to at all. Being flexible with your prospects and catering to them can help you increase conversions. For this reason, Bhatia Orthodontics ends up doing about 50 % virtual exams. For those who are curious, Dr. Bhatia uses OrthoFi for her fee presentation.

Key Insights on Effective Follow Up with Social Media Leads

Here’s what Patti learned about effective follow up through generating an estimated $230,000 in additonal revenue:

Graciousness. If the prospect doesn’t answer, Patti thanks them for clicking anyway.

Persistence. Patti calls first, then lets them know through text or messenger that she called. In her words, “Call them until they say ‘don’t call me anymore!'”

Creativity. Dr. Bhatia encourages Patti to send video texts to leads whenever possible as this makes the experience personal for them.

Resilience. Don’t take it personally if the lead doesn’t respond.

Dedication. Patti blocks out 2hrs a day for follow up.

Forethought. Prospects were always told to bring decision makers with them to their consult so they could start right away.

Efficiency. Patti wrote out common replies that she could easily copy and paste.

Friendliness. Talk to the prospects like you would talk to your friends, avoid overly technical language.

Final Thoughts:

Figure out how to do things differently. Dr. Bhatia’s advice to anyone looking to grow their practice is to think outside the box. Specifically, find a monitoring system where you don’t have to bring patients in too often, which allows you to handle a greater patient volume with less burden on your time.

Share the bounty. Dr. Bhatia pays Patti by commission. In her words, “The more money the doctor makes, the more money I make!” In our experience here at OrthoPatients, office managers or TCs who are paid by commission are more effective and generate more revenue.

On Dr. Bhatia’s Experience with OrthoPatients:

“The other companies that I would hire would give me a very good talk before I signed on the dotted line, and then it would become very canned…and impersonal. You guys stayed personal, involved, and customized our plan for us and our needs” – Dr. Bhatia

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Watch the Full Interview Below:

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