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How Offering Designer Braces Can Increase Patient Starts

From the ancient Egyptians’ adoption of metal bands and catgut to the painful headgear that gave children nightmares about having their teeth straightened—many ancient civilizations devised complicated ways to straighten and maintain teeth alignment. 

Although orthodontic treatment has developed significantly throughout the years, it continues to evolve at an alarming rate. Many treatment options have changed for the better in the previous 40 years regarding patient care, convenience, and style — one of them is WildSmiles.

How Designer Braces Increase Business

The COVID-19 outbreak forced many dental practices to restrict their capacity or shut their doors entirely. Following a challenging year in 2021, orthodontists are now looking for strategies to boost the profitability of their practices.  

More than 3.5 million individuals begin orthodontic treatment (mostly braces) each year; however, wearing metal braces makes them feel self-conscious when they smile and lowers their self-esteem. As a result, the idea of conventional metal braces with wires and brackets is utterly repulsive to individuals in desperate need of orthodontic treatment. So, how can you make their experience better and increase your revenue? By offering the buzz treatments in dentistry at the moment – for example, designer braces.

Designer braces excite patients of all ages with whimsical graphics, college mascots, and popular cartoon characters. By offering the brackets that patients desire, you can stand out in the market, attract new customers, and grow your business.

What Are WildSmiles?

It all started in Omaha, where Dr. Clarke Stevens, an orthodontist, wanted to operate a more enjoyable office. He played videos at his workplace and hosted competitions to encourage others to participate. A small heart necklace worn by one of his patients, who was 8 years old, caught his attention one day. “I was thinking, you know, it would be nice if she got hearts on her teeth.” 

As a result, he founded WildSmiles in 2001 with a collection of hearts and stars. He then expanded the collection to include soccer balls, footballs, flowers, and diamonds, in addition to the original designs. These were among children and adults. 

WildSmiles Braces, manufactured in the United States and approved by both orthodontists and patients, are presently used by around 460 clinicians to transform orthodontic correction into a form of creative expression. In the same way that traditional braces operate, WildSmiles allows patients to wear their braces with pride by offering 25 different styles (star shape braces, Mickey Mouse braces, heart-shaped braces, and mascot braces) to mix and match with colored elastics, offered in Disney, Signature, and College Collections. 

Bracket Specifications

For the anterior maxillary teeth, WildSmiles are used in the same way as regular braces and are developed and produced in the United States to strict standards in trusted Roth/MBT prescriptions (U3-3). The following are the bracket specifications.

MIM is a patented design that is manufactured in the United States. It is designed to integrate with all significant bracket systems seamlessly. 

  • The Cuspids are equipped with hooks and an 80-grade mesh bonding pad. 
  • Easy-to-read identification markers include a dot on the mesial gingival tie wing and a tooth number on the maxillary distal gingival tie wing, respectively. 
  • In addition to using axial placement technology, a vertical scribe line runs down the tip angle and through each bracket’s center. 
  • Straight wires must meet the following specifications: (018 and.022 slot sizes, +5 degree angulation, laterals: +8 torque, Centrals: +12 torque, +9 angulation, Cuspids: -2 torque, +12 angulation, and torque in base). 

Disney Partnership & Mascot Braces

Are you ready to give your patient’s mouth a Disney makeover? With new Disney braces, you can take orthodontics to a whole new level. For decades, the Walt Disney Company has been putting smiles on our faces… but they took it to a whole new level with their exciting venture in 2020. 

Disney teamed with WildSmiles Braces to provide Orthodontic clients with “the opportunity to align people’s smiles with a touch of enchantment,” The Disney collection, launched on November 18th, 2020, includes brackets in the style of the classic Mickey Mouse ears. Patients may be “Disneybound” with colorful elastics representing their favorite Disney characters with this unique offering. 

“As an innovator in orthodontic treatment, we are thrilled to collaborate with Disney,” said WildSmiles founder Clarke Stevens, DDS, MS. “Mickey Mouse is a beloved character that inspires creativity and has always had a way of spreading ear-to-ear smiles for generations. That animated spirit reinforces the new fun perspective we have brought to orthodontic correction through the WildSmiles brand.”

Getting Started with WildSmiles

Did you know approximately 70% of patients self-select WildSmiles, while 44% of patients aged 14 and younger name WildSmiles as their favorite option? If you want to increase profits and bring in new patients, this is it. Designed and manufactured in the United States, WildSmiles is a successful corrective method that enables patients to express themselves. 

To get started, fill out the form on WildSmiles’ official website. Each package includes 50 bags of 10 elastics, which totals 500 elastics. Prices for latex boxes are $29.50, while latex-free boxes are $31.50. Once you’ve completed the form, a final invoice will be sent to you, including the total cost and shipping charges.

FAQs from Orthodontists 

Does the quality of a traditional orthodontic treatment plan change with WildSmiles?

According to Dr. Michael Ragan, founder of Ragan Orthodontics in Dallas, “the quality of an orthodontic traditional treatment plan does not change with WildSmiles. We understand that braces are just another tricky part of growing up for some children and teens. Patient trust in their smile and excitement about the orthodontic procedure is increased when they are allowed to choose shapes that represent their favorite team or passion, as is the case with WildSmiles.”

How long is the WildSmiles orthodontic treatment?

According to Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, the WildSmiles orthodontic treatment will take around 18 months to approximately 2 years, depending on the condition of your child’s teeth, and will involve regular planned appointments to the orthodontist every day 6 to 8 weeks throughout that time. If your child is looking forward to their next orthodontic visit, don’t be surprised—it’s what WildSmiles does.


To conclude, the most rewarding part about WildSmiles is that patients consistently express their delight when selecting their style. And when you combine social media, word-of-mouth, and traditional news sources—everything works together as part of a system to aid in the growth and success of your dental or orthodontics practice.

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