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Orthodontist Website Design Interview: How to Convert More Patients

3 Must-Haves for Your Orthodontic Website (With 97 Display)

We recently sat down with Houston Goodwin, of 97 Display, to get Orthodontists the information they need to build a website that works. The full interview is available on our YouTube channel. 

In this article, you’ll learn the 3 main keys to building an effective website in 2021.

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The Website First Fold

Your future patients are looking for two things on your website; 1) if your business is in their area,  and 2) if you provide the services that they need. To do this, ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Is my website purposeful? Do you see what I offer just by looking at it?

2. Does my website have a fast load speed? If your website does not load in less than 3 seconds, you’re losing customers every day.

3- Does my design feel appropriate and pleasing? To get this right, make sure your design is coherent with the services you offer. For example, It would make sense for a brand like Crayola to have a website filled with color, while a website for a teeth whitening product should have white as the main color.

As you can see in the example above, this website tells you exactly where the practice is located (Eden Prairie) and what they offer (a wide variety of dental services). The background is elegant, but also serves an important purpose, indicating the building that this office is in. All of these things add up to give the customer a great experience on this website.

Using Linear Focus to Call To Action

The above website has 3 different call to action boxes, but they all serve the exact same purpose: to generate a lead. The buttons are easily accessible regardless of where the customer is looking on the page, making the default action to “Request More Information.”

A singular, obvious call to action makes it extremely seamless for a website user to submit their contact information, and eventually come in for treatment. . Linear focus helps you get more of what you built your website for: new leads that become patients. For more information on how to handle leads once they come in through your site, click here.

A Successful Website Takes Advantage of Reviews

Reviews are the key to gaining reliable, motivated leads. Think about it, are you more likely to give a blind date a fair chance with a good recommendation, or no recommendation?

This is a great example of using reviews to generate leads. In the image above, there are several reviews that a website user  can scroll through as they decide whether or not they will submit their information. In the last moments of hesitation,  prospective patients  will see themselves in the shoes of the reviewers, and be more likely to submit their information. If you want a successful website, include reviews!

Concluding thoughts

To have a successful lead generating orthodontic website, follow these three tips:

  1. Answer the customer’s most pressing questions as quickly as possible, 
  2. Use linear focus to call them to action 
  3. Provide prominent reviews of your practice so potential patients are more likely to trust you

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