Social Media for Orthodontists: 39 Unique Ideas

It’s no secret that a social media presence is one of the most important marketing tools you have as an orthodontic practice.

But…generating the right ideas and getting them up on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok can seem daunting.

So without further ado…here’s our list of original social media ideas for orthodontists…enjoy!

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  1. Dance

‘Errbody get up… (and dance!)

Here’s a great example from the team at Collins Orthodontics:

This type of content takes time and effort, but to stand out today…you’ll need more than just a canned social post!

2. Dress Up Days

Dressing up isn’t just for Halloween! Check out Thompson Orthodontics website for more dress up day ideas to post on social media!

3. “Day of the Week” Days

Flannel Fridays anyone? How about Turtleneck Tuesdays or Twinning Thursdays? Whatever you choose, this is a great excuse to post something fun on social media.

4. Flat Doctor Contest

Challenge your patients to take a flat doctor with them on vacation, to school, or somewhere else fun. When they take a picture and post it, they get entered to win a prize!

5. Relatable Comedy Sketches

Dr. Grant Collins of Collins Orthodontics Comedy Sketch

Check out this sketch by Dr. Grant Collins about wearing elastics for a good laugh!

6. Free Braces Giveaway

If you want to create some buzz around your practice, this is the way to do it.

Make sure to give a second place prize to everyone who doesn’t win. This makes the giveaway profitable for you, and makes everyone feel special!

7. Giveaway Something Completely Unrelated to Orthodontic Treatment

Sometimes the best way to find new patients is to stop talking about orthodontics…Give away something anyone would want and you’ll find yourself in front of lots of new potential patients!

8. Memes

These simple pictures have swept the internet for a reason – consider making your own or posting funny ones you find on other pages!

9. GIFs

These posts are sure to make even your most serious followers laugh! Giphy even has a free GIF Maker so you can create some of your doctor or team.

Debond Pictures

This classic orthodontic social media post doesn’t have to be boring. Check these examples out!

10. Use a Sign

Get some signs printed and use them for debond days, this is a great way to make your patients feel more at ease.

11. Strike a Pose With the Doctor

Arguably the best social post on this list. From the data we’ve gathered, these types of posts are what prospective patients like to see most!

12. First Day in Braces

Who said debond was the only exciting day in a patient’s orthodontic journey? Not us! Pull a switcheroo and get the first day picture too.

13. Clinic Perks

Do you have a slushie machine? How about snacks, an entertainment center for siblings, or free coffee for adults? Make sure everyone knows what it’s like to come to your office!

14. Smile Reveals

Nothing paints the picture of what you can do for a patient’s smile like them seeing it for the first time after braces. Film these reactions and post them online!

15. Before and After Pictures–x8-m1Q7hwUpZG5zX7CvYy-Ws7HirqovnVukMdh285Lv_Evuaaa77ols-AXkIk-BejlCEaOGiDk5ede9dmztbXz5Gdu-RJh_3fbAs3o-v1eioWaThP-_V5i0uMjq2d7JPmfN83JPhhyGnAUFz8eHSMwPmId6oMSmBTOJ_uoDh6iSWq2eFHdRcdbSd3L5m3BR5SvUAbJabSVPg-j8Ak3UhxgOiv38G-Pfy6ZNSeC-09d7OKiYE4qN9kWmIfkZqzCMh5R7Jxq4Uxj_7OsM0sbqtFQoIAEDXzcg5xKwnV6TOqaDaWlCl

Show what your doc is made of with branded before and after photos on Facebook or Instagram.

16. Use a Cinemagraph

Our friends over at Ollerton Marketing use cinemagraphs to increase engagement on their social ads. This requires advanced editing, but ends with an amazing result! See more examples here.

17. Anniversary or Birthday Photos

Is your office manager having a birthday? Maybe your TC is celebrating an anniversary? Post about it! These types of posts make your followers feel like they know you personally.

Milestone Award Posts

18. Invisalign Awards

Being recognized for your expertise is a great way to show your office is worth doing business with! Check out this cool picture from Rucker Orthodontics:

19. Best of Awards

Does your local community have some sort of award they give out? Figure out how to win it, then post about it!

20. Business Anniversary

People love to feel like they are supporting other people’s dreams. Get vulnerable about what it was like to start your practice, and thank your followers for their support in a post like this one Dr. Courtney made:

20. Origin Story

Marketing isn’t about business–it’s about stories. Tell yours and you’ll be surprised how much it resonates with your future customers.

Share your Team’s Personal or Professional Life

21. What is your Family Like?

Like attracts like. Share family pictures to resonate with families in your area!

22. What did you do over the Weekend?

Keep things real by posting a weekend selfie or an amazing nature picture like this one!

23. Where did you go on vacation?

Showcase your personal life to seem approachable to your following.

24. Continuing Education

This picture is of students still in college, but steal like an artist and post pictures of your doctor at AAO, OrthoPreneurs or other similar meetings!

25. FAQ Videos

Dr. Greg Asatrian has demolished the YouTube arena for orthodontics – but you don’t need lots of views to make good FAQ videos for your future patients! If you do your job right, almost every view will be a start 😉

26. Stories From Staff Members

Let your social media followers get to know your staff with short introduction or storytelling clips like this one!

27. Infographics

These types of posts are a great way to educate anyone scrolling through your feed. When you get them custom designed and branded (it doesn’t have to be expensive!), you’ll look super legit.

Do you know when it’s time for your kiddo to see an orthodontist? The answer might surprise you.

Posted by American Association of Orthodontists on Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Show a Different Side of Your Doctor

28. Fan Art

Maybe you don’t know how to create a picture like this, but one of your patients might! Run a contest to see who can come up with the best social media post of your doctor.

29. FaceApp Your Doctor

This one is sure to get some laughs! Download FaceApp from the Google Play or App Store and see what you can make!

Photo courtesy of CNN

30. Try the Dolly Parton Challenge

Another fan favorite that’s sure to get some shares and likes. Read more about this internet phenomenon here.

The Doctor Will See You Now.#InspiredBy Dolly Parton

Posted by Dr. Jason Diamond on Thursday, January 23, 2020

31. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Whether it’s a highly produced video like the one you see here, or a simple quote from a Google review, your potential patients deserve to know that you’re awesome!

32. Picture with a Local University or Sports Team

Show your pride! These pictures are amazing for social media ads because they show that your office is local (not corporate). Go all out!

Go Hogs Go! Beat the Voluteers! Let's show them what the Hogs can do! WOOOO PIG SOOIE – Razorbacks! #whitlockortho #rockyoursmile #wps #gohogs #arkansasrazorbacks

Posted by Whitlock Orthodontics on Saturday, November 7, 2020

Behind the Scenes

33. Invisalign Doctor Site BTS

Dr. Dovi Prero gave us this idea. He goes over what it’s like to send cases to Invisalign on his Instagram stories.

The Invisalign Virtual Care tool is designed to ensure that your patients can stay virtually connected with you while…

Posted by Invisalign Middle East on Thursday, October 22, 2020

34. Virtual Consults BTS

One helpful rule when it comes to creating engaging social media content is “Document, don’t Create.” – little posts like this that show the doctor’s everyday life go a long way!

35. Daily team huddle BTS

Show what it’s like to work at your office by documenting your daily huddles or other initiatives!

36. Team lunch BTS

Behind-the-scenes posts help your followers feel like they are getting a VIP glimpse of your office. Plus, this simple post is a good excuse for some team bonding over lunch!

Thanksgiving Lunch with the team 🦃🧡 missing Geisa, Erika, and Michelle 💛 #doralsmiles #thanksgiving #thanksgivingdecor…

Posted by Doral Smiles Orthodontics on Wednesday, November 21, 2018

37. Mail BTS

What did your office get in the mail recently? If it’s something super cool, post about it!

38. Throw a Party!

You’re not ALL business, right? Prove it with a party 🎉 post!

39. Community Involvement BTS

What is your office doing to support the local community? Document the experience and show how awesome you are.

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