Top Software for Orthodontists to Run Your Practice

Since the advent of Invisalign™, along with its cloud-based software ClinCheck, the world of orthodontics has undergone a significant transformation. Orthodontists started submitting their patients’ records or data to Align in exchange for a suggested treatment plan, and subsequently, the creation of aligners that shifted the teeth into a preset position. The general public liked the concept, and by the end of the year, most dental software providers came up with new designs to help the orthodontic industry flourish.

Practice Management Software in Orthodontic Industry

We’re currently on the verge of complete global digitization. Nearly 80% of medical professionals agree that digital technology ensures the accuracy of examination results in the healthcare industry. According to another survey, 78% felt that the beneficial contribution of digital technologies to medicine is far more essential than the rising concern of personal information privacy. 

Today, we will not be discussing medicine in general but rather a specific specialty of medicine known as orthodontics – in particular, software programs that help this discipline. In addition to allowing dental practices to boost productivity, orthodontic management solutions also empower them to engage with patients in a more meaningful way.

An Overview of Best Practice Management Software for Orthodontists

  • OMSVision 
  • VistaDent OC
  • Edge Cloud 6
  • Focus Ortho
  • CS WinOMS
  • CS OrthoTrac
  • CS OrthoTrac Cloud
  • Dolphin ImagingPlus™
  • Ceph Cephalometric Analysis Program
  • Dr. View Case Presentation Software
  • eSlide Manager Workflow Management
  • Crossfire G7 Oasys Practice Software
  • Quick Ceph Studio Orthodontic Software
  • topsOrtho Practice Management Software


When it comes to power, strength, and user-friendliness, this practice management software solution for orthodontists and maxillofacial and oral surgeons is a powerhouse. It is a fantastic software program that integrates with your current system to ensure the success of your practice’s operations. You may establish a reputation for yourself in the orthodontics market by using high-end protection and paperless charting techniques with OMSVision.

VistaDent OC

Creating clear, colorful visual patient records is now as easy as clicking your mouse. The VistaDent OC Image Management System from GAC International Inc. eliminates the need to explain treatment to patients in detail. Instead, you can present them with simple color photographs that they can understand. The most popular versions of this product among users are 4.2 and 4.3.

Edge Cloud 6

Edge Cloud 6 is hosted on the cloud, allowing practice management software to eliminate the need for on-premise servers and backups. When employing its secure and private cloud, the corporation claims to have saved between 35 percent and 44 percent on hardware costs. 

Focus Ortho

Focus Ortho’s cutting-edge technology offers various cloud solutions that may be tailored to your specific needs. You can also put the software on a server to accommodate all users simultaneously. Since the interfaces for all versions are identical, there is no need for conversion or training to make the switch to the cloud environment. This way, customers can save both time and money while still using the most up-to-date technologies available.


It is vital to have correct medical records before, during, and after surgery for a successful procedure—and CS WinOMS gives orthodontists just that. Setting up alternative treatment choices via software provides you and your patient with more flexibility. CS WinOMS may be used alone, but it also integrates with all other Carestream Dental product components, allowing it to function as a practice management software package component.

CS OrthoTrac

CS OrthoTrac Practice Management Software has been helping orthodontists develop and maintain effective and efficient practices for more than 30 years. Using automated technologies, you may manage everyday duties more effortlessly than ever before. This powerful yet user-friendly system monitors appointments, clinical information, billing, and patient correspondences.

CS OrthoTrac Cloud

Cloud-based CS OrthoTrac brings together the proven features and functionality of CS OrthoTrac with the ease of accessing files from any laptop or mobile device. Users can work from anywhere in the world, with a laptop or mobile device. Regardless of where they are in the world, they will have access to their files at any time of the day or night. Carestream Dental regularly backs up and maintains the sensitive patient and practice management files that CS OrthoTrac Cloud users store in HIPAA-compliant storage.

Dolphin ImagingPlus™

Orthodontics worldwide use ImagingPlus’ high-quality imaging, diagnosis, and case presentation software designed specifically for specialized professionals. The software tightly integrates via digital x-ray machines, computed tomography (CBCT) systems, cone beams, telephonic solutions, and web-enabled applications. Dolphin products are compatible with the most recent operating systems and computers, including Intel-based Macs.

Dr. Ceph Cephalometric Analysis Program

It takes time to enter cephalometric points manually. However, computerized cephalometric is fast, allowing orthodontists to acquire a more comprehensive diagnostic image. Since it is only necessary to identify the radiological spots with the click of a mouse, they can complete an analysis in ten percent of the time it would take to complete a typical manual registration procedure.

Dr. View Case Presentation Software

Designed for orthodontists, Dr. View is a straightforward yet powerful software program that gives orthodontists the ability to display personalized patient pictures, x-rays, models, and appliances during case presentations in full-screen mode. The primary goal of this software is to promote patient acceptance of the suggested treatment plan through cutting-edge computer software and hardware that allows for easy customization and standardization of the case presentation.

eSlide Manager Workflow Management

eSlide Manager Workflow Management is a widely used web-based system that allows orthodontists to manage a whole slide and the study information that goes with them. eSlide’s uniquely designed software offers the refined simplicity every orthodontist or dental specialist needs to improve their pathology workflows with security, auditing, archiving, and retrieval features.

Crossfire G7 Oasys Practice Software

The Crossfire G7 Oasys Practice Software is quite popular in the orthodontics industry and was built specifically to ensure the success of orthopedic practices. As part of the Crossfire G7 solution, advanced Oasys software solutions are combined with cutting-edge technology that identifies and combats errors and time restrictions in locations where they are most likely to occur.

Quick Ceph Studio Orthodontic Software

Quick Ceph Systems is a company that specializes in the development of exceptional MacOS-based imaging, diagnostic, treatment planning, and practice management software for orthodontists. Only recently, the Quick Ceph Studio Orthodontic Software was released for Mac OS X with a completely rewritten version. The system supports the latest technologies, including digital x-rays, CBCT or 3D imaging, reliable superimpositions (including Björk), etc.

TopsOrtho Practice Management Software

TopsOrtho is an award-winning and the most widely used orthodontic office management and imaging solution. It is a complete orthodontic practice administration software program that runs only on Mac computers, unrivaled in its use across 25 various nations. Additionally, patient or referral letters may be sent through email or printed using a simple letter merge program.

The world is evolving at a breakneck pace, and keeping up with new technology is essential for every professional out there. If you are an orthodontist looking to improve the efficiency of your practice, you should consider investing in the best practice management software.

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